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The danger of charging the smartphone throughout the night is estimated: this can negatively affect its work. If at another time you cannot recharge the gadget, there are a few tips that will extend the work. This was told to the Prime agency by the head of the analytical and IT research department of the Higher School of Financial Management Mikhail Kogan.

According to him, during night charging it is better to turn on flight mode on the smartphone. Including this will help limit the emission of signals.

“Manufacturers recommend not lowering the charge level below 20-30 percent, and even more so, bringing the phone to a complete shutdown if there is a desire to extend its life. Also, do not often bring the phone to full charge, which also leads to rapid battery wear, ”said the analyst

According to Kogan, there are no definite conclusions about whether it is dangerous to be near the phone left on charging. Experts recommend avoiding such a situation in relation to children whose brain is just forming and can be susceptible to electromagnetic radiation. However, Kogan advised not to put the phone under the pillow and switch to airplane mode, but during the day to use the headset when talking.

Earlier, an expert on battery technology called a common mistake when charging a smartphone, which leads to a decrease in battery life. To avoid this, it is necessary to quickly remove the phone from charging if the battery indicator shows 100 percent.

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