Galicia needs blood from the groups a positive, 0 negative and 0 positive and the collaboration of the citizens is requested

The Blood and Organ Donation Agency (ADOS), makes a general call for the participation of the Galician population in blood donation and, in a special way, to A Positive, 0 Positive and 0 Negative donors. The reserves of these three blood groups have low levels, so it is necessary to reinforce the permanent call for participation in the donation campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Health through the mediation of ADOS. It is necessary to remember that the health centers of Galicia need between 400 and 500 daily to carry out their health tasks effectively.

In many of the care tasks that are carried out daily in Galician hospitals, blood components are essential. At certain times of the year the number of donations may drop, but the same does not happen with the demand for blood and its derivatives that health centers need. For this reason, the generosity and altruism of all citizens is essential, which is why ADOS requests a special effort to increase blood reserves.

In addition, the different mobile units of the Organ and Blood Donation Agency will visit different Galician town halls these days to obtain the precise donations that guarantee the development of the great assistance work of the different health centers in Galicia.

Donating is very simple and safe

Any person of legal age, weighing more than 50 kilos and who does not suffer or has suffered from blood-borne diseases can donate blood. Blood donation is a simple act that allows many people to solve their health problem and even save lives. In addition, note that the most rigorous security measures are always present.

For more information, ADOS has a website:, social networks, and a free information telephone number 900 100 828, to answer any questions related to blood donation or find out the date of the mobile unit trips.