Galkin due to Pugacheva suffers without sleep and breakfast: Show Business: VladTime


In his morning publication, Maxim Galkin was a pitiful sight.

The showman in his Instagram published a short video that was seriously concerned subscribers. In it, Max, who had not slept, wandered lonely around an empty castle, jumping from one topic to another. The new hairstyle of Galkin was disheveled, and he tried to prove to the fans that curly hair was not a “chemistry”, but a natural curling. Fans drew attention to the unusual silence of the castle – children’s voices were not heard, the servants were not noticeable, the winter park outside the window was frighteningly deserted, and the absence of Alla Borisovna in the frame was all used to.

When Maxim told the readers that he was going to make himself coffee, it became clear to them that in this respect the parodist switched to self-service. Some have suggested that in the light of the impending divorce, the couple proceeded not only to the division of property, but also to the section of the attendants. Perhaps because of this confusion, Galkin has no one to make coffee and breakfast. In addition, the general fatigue of Maxim, who clearly suffers from a lack of sleep, was striking. It is clear that the recent events had a bad effect on the state of the artist, who is now clearly not in the best mood.

Dmitry Brockhaus




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