Genius or AI cheating?World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen refuses to play against 19-year-old chess player, and tweets that “the water of the game is very deep” | T Kebang

Last week, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen lost to 19-year-old Hans Niemann in the Sinkfield Cup, ending Magnus’ 53-match unbeaten streak in the classic. Magnus lost the game the day after and announced his retirement,

This is an extremely rare move, especially among the top players in elite events. He also tweeted a video of Portuguese football manager José Mourinho, saying: “The water is so deep that I really prefer not to speak. If I speak, I’m in big trouble.”

In the clip, Mourinho makes the statement at a post-match press conference, alluding to the fact that his team may have lost the game because of a questionable referee.

Therefore, netizens also mostly interpret this tweet from Magnus as implying that Niemann cheated in the game in some way.

Magnus Carlsen

Afterwards, Hikaru Nakamura, once world No. 2, said on his Twitch stream, “For over 6 months, Niemann has not played any prize money tournaments on That’s one thing I’ll say. , and the only thing I have to say on this topic.”

Some observers believe this means Mr Niemann cheated on the site and, by extension, the Sinkfield Cup.

However, in response to the numerous controversies questioning his cheating, Niemann strenuously denied the allegations of cheating at the Zinkfield Cup, but did admit that he had cheated in online competitions in the past when he was 12 years old.

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However, Niemann said that he has “returned to the right” and that he is “clean” now, and is even willing to compete naked in a “closed space where electronic signals are eliminated” to prove his innocence.

Hans Niemann

A major counterattack for the world chess champion

On the 20th, the two met again in an online game. And this time Magnus Carlsen announced the set abandonment directly after taking a step. It caused an uproar in the chess world.

In the live broadcast of Chess24, the two players can be seen playing against each other. This is also the first time the two have met online since the last face-to-face battle.

Genius or AI cheating? World chess champion Magnus Carlsen refuses to play against 19-year-old chess player, tweeting that 'the water is deep'

However, it can be seen in the live broadcast that the world champion quickly gave up and interrupted the game after taking the first step with black.

“Magnus just gave up, got up and left,” commented Chess24. “He turned off his camera and that’s all we know now.”

While both players have since returned to their next scheduled match against other opponents, Magnus’ surprise move has shocked the chess world.

“This is unprecedented. I just, I can’t believe it,” the Chess24 commentator said. “Did it just happen?”

“Magnus just refused to play Niemann. He’s going to play the other games next, but he said: I’m not going to play him.” “That’s a very big statement.”

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Did Niemann cheat?

Of the 10 players in the Sinkfield Cup, Niemann is the lowest rated of all players and the least likely to beat the world champion.

However, he did.

In fact, he was the first player in more than two years to beat Magnus with black on the online or face-to-face board.

Magnus is an all-around chess player who can play almost all openings, and is known for his accurate calculations, sober style and solid selection of openings, especially with white.

There’s no question that Niemann’s performance was a statistical anomaly, not just in this particular game but in his other games over the past year as well.

While there are plenty of questions about his cheating, there are also opinions in support of Niemann’s side.

“I did play against Niemann at the Marshall Championship in late 2019, where he was tied for first place,” said Irina Krush, a chess grandmaster who played against both. I knew he was a very strong up-and-coming player.” She added: “I think it would be nice if Magnus had his point of view as well, because for the chess world, this unresolved situation is really bad. .”