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German association announces international series against Austria

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The first meeting should already take place in 2022, as the AFVD announced in a broadcast. Thereafter, there should be regular meetings every two years.

“In addition to the upcoming qualifying games for the upcoming tournaments, we want to offer our national team a really good and long-term opportunity to compete against our neighbors at a high level. The Austrian team is not only a real yardstick for this, but also a reliable partner that we could not possibly wish for better in the area of ​​organization and implementation “, says the AFVD President Robert Huber about the positive discussions with the AFBÖ.

In addition to short distances and a good stadium infrastructure, there is another point that speaks for it. “In the past, the encounters against Austria were always characterized by great rivalry. This is certainly a big plus for both sides, also in terms of public interest. The football fans of both countries will look forward to the games. “, says Huber.

From a sporting point of view, there could hardly be a better opponent for Team Germany, they know that too Jean-Marc Tappy, Director national teams at AFVD: “With the international series against Austria, we are offering the national players an incredibly attractive perspective. The games against our neighbors in particular always have their own special charm. In addition, we will meet an opponent who is one of the top teams in Europe – and that is what we want to measure ourselves against! “

The details will be informed at a later date.

The Austrian association AFBÖ has not yet commented on the plans.

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