Germany – Eight out of ten PC games purchased in 2017 were downloads


Thanks to many sales and convenience functions, platforms such as Steam or GOG are extremely popular on the PC. In Germany, 8 out of 10 PC games are purchased digitally.
The sale of physical data media continues to decline in Germany. In 2012, digital downloads accounted for only 16 percent of sales, and in 2017 this share rose 42 percent , This was the result of a study by the Association of the German Games Industry, game. At the press conference on gamesweekberlin, those responsible presented these figures based on data from the market research company GfK.

Downloads are especially popular on the PC. 8 out of 10 PC games were acquired digitally in 2017 via platforms such as Uplay, Steam or GOG – an increase of 10 percent compared to 2016. In contrast, console users are more likely to use classic game packaging. 23 percent of purchased console titles (for Playstation, Xbox and Switch) are downloads. The total revenue share of purely digital games in 2017 was only 29 percent. For manufacturers, the well-known disk sales is still very sales.
The share of downloads in total sales continues to increase. (Source: game)

Over 3 billion euros in sales
Further interesting figures from the game study: Total sales of the German video game industry: 3.3 billion euros

Compared to 2016, total sales grew by 15 percent and exceeded the 3 billion euro mark for the first time
Total revenue breaks down as follows: 938 million euros in sales from the sale of consoles and gaming peripherals; 2.4 billion euros in sales through the sale of game software
Because of this market development, the game-managing director Felix Falk demands that the federal government Implementation plans for the promotion of games as quickly as possible , Only then can German game manufacturers benefit from this development. Video games directly from domestic manufacturers made in 2017 only a market share of 6 percent. In the coalition agreement of CDU, CSU and SPD The governing parties are saying that there should be dedicated games promotion and the site is becoming more attractive to video game developers.
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To determine this study, the market research firm GfK resorted to several survey methods, among others they questioned 25,000 consumers about their shopping and usage habits in digital games.
Source: game



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