Germany takes emergency measures to guarantee gas supply

Plans by the German Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck, who have seen the German news agency DPA, show that our neighboring country wants to reduce the use of gas for energy and industry generation. Replenishing storage facilities will be prioritized for the winter.

In addition, Habeck wants more coal-fired power stations to be used to compensate for the energy shortage. The German government would make billions available to finance the measures.

This week, the Russian state gas company Gazprom significantly reduced its gas supply to Germany. Sixty percent less gas is now coming through the Nord Stream 1, the pipeline for the supply of Russian gas to Germany than a week ago. Habeck previously called the situation “serious” and said “every kilowatt hour helps.”

Austria, France and Italy also receive less gas from Russia. Political and economic relations between Russia and Europe have been tense since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Europe therefore wants to quickly become less dependent on gas from Russia.

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