Gert Vande Broek: “I have already felt better, but my feeling is rather secondary” | Yellow Tigers

The Yellow Tigers kicked off their summer campaign on Tuesday. On the program: the Nations League and especially the World Cup. National coach is still Gert Vande Broek. He got the wind from the front a few months ago, but does have the support of his group of players.

The storm that started around Gert Vande Broek a few months ago has now abated somewhat. And although the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office is still conducting an investigation after the revelations of some former Yellow Tigers, Vande Broek was again in front of the group on Tuesday at the start of the new campaign.

“Although I have already felt better in my career, I must admit that,” Vande Broek confesses. “But my feeling is rather secondary. It is important how the group feels and how the girls have stepped in here after a club period. I have the feeling that that is very good, with a lot of drive, ambition and enthusiasm. That is contagious.”

Is there now another Gert Vande Broek in front of the group? “I have an approach in which I name things. Things that go well, but also things that we consider to be points of improvement. What we are doing now is having more antennas within the group and encouraging even more that communication is allowed when something does not go well. .”

I have the feeling that the group has a lot of drive, ambition and enthusiasm. That’s infectious.

Gert Vande Broek

Vande Broek had an open conversation with the group about what happened. “After that I left the room and there was a collective conversation in the presence of the other staff members. Then everyone was able to talk freely with the federation chairman and the director of top sport.”

“In that conversation, everyone had the chance to express their commitment or support or not.”

This has shown that Vande Broek still enjoys full support. “I feel the expressed ambition in this group to perform well at the World Cup. We have been working towards that for four years and I think this group is also eager to end this campaign in a very nice way.”

Herbots: “You see Gert blossoming more every training”

Chief attacker Britt Herbots already expressed her support for Gert Vande Broek a few months ago. She repeated that again on Tuesday. “Gert has been a super important person in my career. I have learned a lot from him. Even in difficult moments I occasionally made a phone call with him,” it sounds.

Herbots does not believe that a different method was necessary. “We were working well, it would be a shame to change the approach now. As always, we had a good conversation about the objectives and focus at the start of this campaign. Everyone is behind it and really looking forward to it. “

“What happened is unfortunate for the image of the Yellow Tigers. We don’t deserve that. But we continue with a smile, with full drive. It is important that we could look Gert in the eye and give him a pat on the back, to show that we are behind him.”

“Everyone who’s here is excited to continue with him or they wouldn’t be here. That should be a relief for him and will make him want to start again. You see him blossoming more every training session. “

Van Gestel: “World Cup is everyone’s dream”

The main goal for the Yellow Tigers this summer is the Volleyball World Cup, which will take place in the Netherlands and Poland in September and October. “It will be a busy summer, first with the Nations League”, Celine Van Gestel smiles.

“Our group discussion has shown that everyone wants to go for it 100 percent and we have expressed that in this way. Now we have to focus on our group and look ahead to the future. The World Cup is everyone’s dream.”

“We will use the Nations League to prepare the World Cup as best as possible. That is our focus now. I am really looking forward to it. We have been looking forward to it with this group since 2018.”