Get to Know Noor Alfallah: Al Pacino’s Girlfriend and Businesswoman

In recent days, the news about the pregnancy of the current partner of Actor Al Pacino, Noor Alfallah, a 29-year-old girl with whom he has been in a relationship for about a year, was released.

And although much has been said about the movie star and the birth of his fourth child, little is known about the life of the woman who will give him the title of father for the fourth time.

What does Al Pacino’s girlfriend do and how did they meet?

Noor Alfallah is a businesswoman and film producer, she studied film at the University of California and is the daughter of Fallah Alfallah, president of Q8 Capital Inc and Alana Alfallah, who is part of the Beverly Hills socialite, which has allowed her throughout her life the young woman has been surrounded by the stars of Hollywood.

The story of her romance with Al Pacino was revealed by Page Six at the beginning of last year, when the two met at a California restaurant with other stars such as Jason Momoa and Julian Schnabel.

Al Pacino’s girlfriend who was a couple with Mick Jagger

One of his most famous couples who is also part of the world of entertainment, was Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, with whom he had a relationship that began in 2017, when the famous singer when Jagger was 74 years old and Noor 22. The relationship came to an end in 2018 and according to Noor it was not a temporary relationship, for her their relationship was her “first serious relationship”.

“Our ages did not matter to me. The heart does not know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me, ”he confirmed to a well-known medium at the time.

Who have been the ex-partners of Noor Alfallah, Al Pacino’s girlfriend?

After her break with Jagger, international media confirmed her relationship with 93-year-old director and actor Clint Eastwood, a rumor that was denied by the same woman, who assured that Eastwood was just a friend.

Other love affairs that are part of the long list of the model, was her courtship Nicolas Berggruen, a billionaire whose age difference with Noor Alfallah is 32 years. The renowned actor Eli Roth, famous for playing “The Jewish Bear” in the film Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino, is also part of Alfallah’s daughter’s ex-partners.

Now, the future of the film production company, Noor Alfallahwill be together with the iconic Hollywood star, Al Pacino with whom he will start a family at 83 years old.

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