GitHub Copilot costs $ 10 a month, artificial intelligence writes the code for you

Autor: GitHub

GitHub announced on its blog that after a year of testing, Copilot is now available to all users. However, the programmer’s partner is available for a fee of ten dollars a month or a hundred dollars a year. Students and creators of well-known open-source projects will have free access to it.

GitHub Copilot is a tool that can be added to a popular developer editor as an extension. There he serves as a programmer’s partner, which responds to comments about other planned functions and himself designs blocks of code with implementation. In many cases, it is also able to effectively add spelled lines.

Microsoft states that 1.2 million programmers tried Copilot in the annual open test mode. In the files on which the design function was turned on, Copilot then wrote 40% of the code. Developers anticipate that this number will continue to grow, allowing programmers to solve bigger problems and write better software.

(Věroš Kaplan pointed out.)