GOD OF WAR: here's the trick to unlock the real ending with kinematics [SPOILER]

GOD OF WAR: here's the trick to unlock the real ending with kinematics [SPOILER]

!! ATTENTION SPOILERS !! GOD OF WAR is a surprisingly long game, its life in a straight line of 20/22 hours, while it will take you between 50 and 60 hours to turn it. When you go to the end of the adventure with Kratos and his son and you will see the end credits scroll, revealing at the same time the answers to many questions remained unresolved during the road trip of our two heroes, know that the game is not over. Indeed, there is another end, the real one, which is triggered by means of a kinematics. To be able to trigger it, you must return to Midgard, using one of the many points of fast travel. Kratos and Atreus will be delighted to return home and as a player, it is also a moment of joy, since we find this famous wooden house, which has kept the stigmata of the fight against the Stranger at the beginning of the season. ‘adventure. !! SPOILERS ALERT !! Entering the house, Kratos and Atreus gargle to be able to take a rest, not hesitating to give up their weapons when lie on their respective bed. A fade to black then allows to launch the cutscene who teaches us that many years have passed after their adventure. Our two heroes are woken up in the middle of a storm that shakes their home. Kratos, always on the alert, jumps out of bed, challenges his son, grabs his ax Leviathan and immediately leaves the house. In front stands a man with an imposing build and whose face is masked by a hood. The game is cut to leave room for the real end credits. We suggest you also let it scroll completely, because a big surprise awaits you at the end of it, a little like what Marvel Studios does at the end of each of his films …

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  1. Can you answer me to questions please, is Atreu the true Kratos son and was Freya his wife?

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