Good at first are bad at first. Nervous investors, hope the lion comes on Thursday

Americk stock markets, after a sharp rise at the end of last week, reached the end of the week again deep into the red. The trigger was the drop in unemployment in the United States. Good news from the labor market is paradoxically painful at first, because it increases the likelihood that the US central bank will continue to raise rates sharply. This week on Thursday, data will be released that will show how prices have developed in the United States.

The weekly insight was prepared for you by analyst tpn Hjek from the brokerage company XTB in cooperation with Hospodské noviny. He gave video analyzes related to the stock, currency or cryptocurrency market to the PartnerInvest column HNtak on his website. The XTB company’s analytical team is at the forefront of Bloomberg’s global website, which predicts these details.

Nothing in the video can be considered investment advice.