Good hearing is at the heart of our health and hearing well has never been more essential in our world of communication.

Meeting with the Independent AUDITION LUDOVIC DIGUE center, expert in your hearing in the Sénonais.

Ludovic Digue,
State-certified audioprosthetist,
DU Audiophonologie de l’enfant at Paris VI and DU Audiologie Audioprothétique Approfondie at Lyon I, he has been working as an audioprosthetist with passion and enthusiasm for 25 years in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens.

Estera Micorek,
Graduate audioprosthetist, joined the team 2 years ago. Independent and committed professionals, they are convinced that hearing health is a real societal issue, hence the need to offer an appropriate offer all year round. They are committed to supporting their patients, on a daily basis, suffering from hearing loss in their fitting experience, with the desire to offer them at each stage, a tailor-made, quality service, thanks to attentive listening to their needs. and accessible to all budgets.

The role of the audioprosthetist is to make a choice, an adaptation and a follow-up, these are essential steps for the success of the audioprosthetic device and fall within the know-how and experience of a healthcare professional:
The choice is made through an anamnesis and audiometry tests, Precise adaptation via measurement tools, Regular monitoring throughout the life of the equipment, thanks to our team of 2 audioprosthetists and our 4 assistants audios and from Monday to Saturday noon.

We strive to facilitate all the administrative procedures for our patients by making appointments by Doctolib, creating our tips on site, updating vital cards and our latest “home visit” service for setting up accessories up to 20 Kms from the center.

We have made the choice for everyone’s comfort to opt for strictly regulated and agreed rates, always with third-party payment and we take care of sending all the documents and we do this 10 times free of charge.


Since 1is January 2021, with the 100% health reform, equipment has become accessible, we have a wide range of class 1 hearing aids WITH A BENEFIT OF 0 € (TOTAL PAYMENT BY SOCIAL SECURITY AND LA MUTUELLE SANTE AND ON ALL MAJOR BRANDS WITH A 4-YEAR WARRANTY.
We also offer class 2 devices, which differ from class devices by a higher level of technological performance, and on which there may still be a charge.

Wondering if you are eligible? Check with your mutual insurance company if you have taken out a responsible complementary health policy. To be sure of your choice, you have 30 trial days to test the hearing aids.


We remind you that the profession of audioprosthetist involves advice, adaptation and follow-up. Services are included with the sale of our devices.

Home visits are prohibited.