Google Docs has a great novelty: the intelligent corrector | Technology

Google announced that it will incorporate a text-based spelling and grammar checker artificial intelligence for Google Docs, with the aim of providing great benefits to its users.

The system, proposed by the Mountain View, employs automatic learning, that is, analyzing the text that users are writing to anticipate the word that may come later, and if this is incorrect, propose a viable alternative, according to TechCrunch.

That proposal will appear in the upper right corner of the editor and the user will be able to validate it by simply clicking on it or by using a combination of keys, replacing it in the text.

In addition, this system goes beyond a typical spell checker, because it analyzes the entire sentence and detects possible context or typographical errors, which would have been considered good by the classic correctors.


David Thacker, vice president of product G Suite in Google, said that the operation of this new corrector is similar to that of a text translator.

"For example, in the translation of languages, you take a text in French and translate it into English. Our approach to grammatical correction is similar. You take a text in an inappropriate English and with our technology we translate it into the correct English, "he said.

The new spell checker is already available in the Google's Early Adopter Program, although for now only in English. It is expected that in the next weeks it can be used by the rest of users.

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