It is rumored that we should soon find a new subscription on the Google Play Store: it would be Google Play Pass, a service that would access many applications.

Several signals that show the arrival
If the information is true, it would show the willingness of Google to align with what we see on the App Store.

Several signals that show the arrival of Google Play Pass

These are the developers who have noticed all this: first two references a certain Play Pass appear in the source code of Google Play Store, but also in a capture of Google Opinion Rewards. Google Play Pass, it would be a service that would allow access to normally paid applications.

And the XDA developer has recently confirmed that this service would indeed exist, as a Google Opinition Rewards survey says about it, stating that the subscription gives access to the equivalent of hundreds of dollars in applications and paid games for a sum paid every month .

For XDA, it would be a confirmation, although the Mountain View company has not made any statements on the subject at this time. But everything leads to believe that the info is true.

A subscription that would offer hundreds of applications

Google Play Pass would not be the same as the loyalty program found on the Play Store. But for now, we can not be sure 100% of the output of this subscription, and we finally know little about the service, and if it will be available soon in France.

In any case, if the Google Play Pass does see the day, it would say a lot about the strategy pursued by Google in this matter: do not be left behind the App Store, and lower the cart of profitability that exists between the two app stores. Indeed, Google is clearly the trane compared to its direct competitor.

Indeed, Apple's store has double the revenue that the Google Play Store, probably because Android users are less fortunate, and therefore less inclined to buy many applications.


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