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Google tried to relocate out of China

The trade war between Washington and Beijing forces Google to reshuffle the cards of its production sites.

Because unable to offer the services of its search engine in China, the American giant manufactures many of its products. Including the Google Home and its accessories, as well as its connected thermostats Nest.

A situation that is difficult to maintain because of tensions,
Google's front-line involvement in the Huawei conflict

    but also tariff increases decided on both sides. As a result, according to Bloomberg, Google has already relocated some of its productions. In particular those of motherboards for its connected devices. The bulk of these are now produced in Taiwan.

According to Bloomberg, these relocations would also concern the production of Nest connected thermostats. They would also be partly made in Taiwan now. But also in Malaysia.

GoPro has taken the plunge, Foxconn is getting ready

The American group is not an exception. And if for now Google's decision is not official, others have already begun the same movement.

Foxconn, Apple's main subcontractor for iPhones

   , thus reduced its production in China and, officially announced husband be "quite ready" to quickly produce the brand's smartphones to Apple out of China.

GoPro mini-camera manufacturer has announced its decision to abandon its Chinese production as early as last February, presenting its results. And must begin during June to produce in Mexico, in the city of Guadalajara.

A more general movement

Others do the same where study seriously. A recent
a survey conducted last week by the American Chamber of Commerce in China

    showed that more than 40% of American firms say they have moved their production sites or are planning to do so.

The lawyers of the American firm Harris Bricken, in particular located in Beijing,
confirm this trend

   . And the fact that many of their customers relocate, ask their suppliers to do so and, in some cases, reduce their production in China until their new operations abroad are operational. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines but also Mexico are the main destinations considered, explain the lawyers on their blog.

However, Harris Bricken's lawyers also say that if they relocate production sites, these companies do not have in mind to turn their backs on China and most often retain a local presence. Anxious undoubtedly not to deprive oneself in the long term of one of the most important markets of the world.

"None of our customers have left China and in fact, we have never been as busy as now to help them build a WFOE" (a company operating in China but exclusively foreign capital, Ed).


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