Google turns Gmail into "smart" mail

Google turns Gmail into "smart" mail

The company is Google To add an important update to its e-mail, which is used by more than one billion people, and will ask this update to examine the contents of messages.

In an e-mail sent to senior users of this mail, the specialized site The Verge was able to see, Google promised to update its new mail design and “many new features.”
According to the French newspaper Lezico, which reported this news, Google’s goal is to consolidate the appearance of e-mail with its application on the mobile phone.
The new version is more accurate and is completely white with the appearance of a new message button on the left. On the right is a new column showing services such as the Google Calendar, Google Keep pens.
But the most important feature added by Google, according to Lesico, is the “smart reply”, which allows to answer simple questions such as “Do you prefer to meet on Saturday or Sunday?” Or “Have you seen the report we sent you?”
Gemel suggests several answers that the mail owner can choose from, which is useful in gaining time by responding to an email with just three clicks, but this also assumes that Google will inevitably scan through the entire content of the messages.

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