Gout Symptoms, Causes, and the Right Way to Overcome It

How to deal with gout can pay attention to the diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Although this disease cannot be completely cured, the symptoms of gout can be controlled.

Here are some ways to deal with gout:

Check Daily Menu

The first way to treat gout symptoms is to pay attention to the daily diet. Avoiding foods and drinks that are high in purine (uric acid) such as seafood, red meat, sweet foods (containing sugar), alcohol, and offal are mandatory things that you must do.

Avoid foods such as sweet pastries, candy, sugary drinks and products that contain high fructose sugar. Also, reduce saturated fat from red meat, fatty poultry, and high-fat dairy products.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Choose a daily source of protein from lean meat, fish and poultry about 2-3 pieces per day. Other sources of protein that can be added are low-fat dairy products or yogurt.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can also make uric acid more controllable. Exercise keeps the joints well trained, so it can prevent joint pain that often affects people with gout. Exercise regularly at moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Maintain Weight

People who are obese have a higher risk of having high uric acid than people who are of normal weight. To maintain body weight as a treatment for gout symptoms, namely, choose a source of complex carbohydrates in the diet.


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