The electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Lind Merle Feliciano said Monday, in a complaint filed against the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, he chose to change a special message to the puelo to a press conference.

“Neither the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced, or his Office, presented a request for authorization in the State Election Commission (SEC) for the transmission of the Special Message that aired today,” said Merle Feliciano in written communication then it she could go a complaint before the Commission against the Governor.

“Says the Governor, and the excuses you can offer for his change of stance, I am convinced that the change in the determination to offer a press conference instead of transmitting a Special Message, is the result of the complaint filed by the PDP against the EEC. Thanks to this complaint the Governor could not get his way and he had to understand that the transmission of the Special Message was an unlawful act of political opportunism which violated the provisions of the Constitution and the Electoral Code. As part of the complaint we ask for the stoppage of the transmission of the Special Message, and we are all witnesses to the outcome,” said Merle.

The election commissioner said despite the change raised, the reality is that the Governor demonstrates a clear pattern of violation of the Law. For Merle, this conduct is troubling, since according to the provisions of the Constitution it is the responsible of implementing and enforcing the laws. He said, moreover, that: “this is one of multiple complaints filed by the PDP against the EEC because of the illegal use of public funds by the Governor. It should be noted that all complaints filed are waiting for the evaluation and determination of the Commission”.

According to the information provided by The Fortress, the special message that will provide Vázquez Garced focuses on the topic of the Civil Code. Merle indicated that the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico resolved that the special messages of the Governor must be passed by the sec under section 12.001 of the Law Númeri 78 of 1 June 2011, known as the Electoral Code of Puerto Rico for the 21st Century, as amended.

“It is the responsibility of all the Election Commissioners to enforce the laws and regulations applicable to the use of public funds. Once more, the Governor tried to break the Law. Today, I can assure you that the PDP will not tolerate acts that go against the established laws and regulations,” said Merle. About the grievances that are waiting to be evaluated indicated that it will provide continuity to the results of the same.


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