“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” will launch a VR version to support Oculus Quest 2 device “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”

It was announced at the Facebook Connect event held earlier that the virtual reality (VR) version of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)” is being developed, which will support Oculus Quest 2 devices.

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, which was launched in 2004, is set in 1992. It describes the gang boss Carl Johnson who moved to Liberty City and returned to his hometown of Los Santos one day and found that his gang had been divided. There are different forces in various regions. Casinos, black money, drugs and other channels are also controlled by many different big people. They want to restore their own power and grow their gang’s protagonist, but they find that their relatives have been framed and put in jail in order to be sheltered by the gang. , And finally had to listen to Tenpenny’s orders from behind the scenes.

It was officially announced today that “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” will launch a VR version. In the future, players can explore the open world of Los Santos from a new perspective. At the same time, the official said that this is a plan that has been brewing for many years, and the team can’t wait to show more information to the players.