The Swiss coach Christian Grosse, the technical director of Zamalek, played a vital role in the formation of the match for the victory of Hussein Dai on Sunday (July 5th) in Algiers, in the final round of the Confederation's group stage.

According to an informed source inside Zamalek, he approached the electrification to return to form the White team in the post tomorrow after the emergence of a good level in the exercises, and Gros believes that the electrification will be useful to the team in that confrontation, while retaining a card as a winner on the bench, which will be finalized in the coming hours.

Zamalek are in Group D with eight points, followed by Petro Atletico Angoli with 7 points, then Nasr Hussein Dai of Algeria with the same balance and finally Gormahia of Kenya in last place with 6 points.



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