“Guinda will take the opportunity to continue attacks”

Specialists warned of an escalation in the conflict between Morena and the National Electoral Institute (INE), as a result of the precautionary measures recently imposed against corcholatas, governors and legislators so that they do not organize or participate in events that could constitute anticipated campaign acts.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, they believed that the decision of the INE, ratified by the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), will be used to attack the electoral bodies and try to obtain an electoral reform in the manner.

The political analyst José Antonio Crespo said that Morena takes advantage of the precautionary measures to reinforce his speech against the INE, which he seeks to disappear through an electoral reform.

“The electoral reform initiative itself clearly establishes a procedure that appears democratic, but would be essentially controlled by Morena,” he warned.

He specified that Morena’s anticipated campaign acts could even lead to the loss of the registration of his candidates, which would be a “political bomb” in the country.

He recalled that Morena promoted this law to prevent early campaigns; however, he no longer suits her.

Although he considered that the current law is “blurred” in terms of what can or cannot be done, both the INE and the TEPJF have already issued a resolution and it must be followed.

“They themselves, both in Toluca and Coahuila, talked about the local elections and the procedure in general, so they turned it into a campaign event,” he emphasized.

“That is not why the INE has to be intimidated. They are hitting him and hitting him whatever he does, because it is a slogan, because the President and Morena do not want an autonomous INE, even if they say they do.

Even if a sanction is not applied, he warned that the icing party is already staining the electoral process for systematic violations of the law.

The political scientist Arlene Ramírez Uresti pointed out that Morena raises her speech against the INE, whose disappearance would be a “very serious setback” for the electoral system.

“What is dangerous is the discourse regarding the INE, which in some way has been said by both governors and the Secretary of the Interior himself, that it seems that their death sentence has already been decreed,” he warned.

The specialist pointed out that these pre-campaign events set a “terrible” precedent because they not only widen the polarization in the environment, but can be repeated in future administrations.

“The problem with these clearances is that the message that is given is impunity from the State and the lack of respect for the regulations, for the Constitution,” he lamented.

On the other hand, he explained that political actors will emerge who will distance themselves from these events, such as Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who did not sign a party statement.

Edgar Ortiz Arellano, a political scientist from UNAM, said that the precautionary measures are taking place in the midst of a fight that the Presidency has undertaken against the autonomous bodies, including the INE.

“Any sanction or disagreement that the INE could have with Morena’s activity could be used as a pretext to disqualify the decisions of the authority, which is very dangerous and sends a bad signal for Mexican democracy,” he said.

He considered that Morena, being the main political force in the country, claims to have legitimacy to disobey this mandate from the INE and the TEPJF.

“It seems that they want to build a narrative that the electoral authority wants to take away what they call their freedoms and democratic rights, but they, as a political party, are aware of the regulations that they are violating,” he stressed.

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