Hamas terrorists were deprived of an invisible exit to the sea. VIDEO


06/10/2018 18:11 photo: IDF press service Hamas terrorists were deprived of an invisible exit to the sea. VIDEO

The terrorist organization Hamas lost one of the possibility of an invisible penetration of terrorists into the sea. The tunnel, the entrance to which was on the fortified position of Hamas, located three kilometers south of the northern border with Israel, and the other end was submerged in the sea to a depth of 2-3 meters, was destroyed during the Israeli air strike a week ago. Recall that on the night of June 3, in response to rocket attacks on Israeli territory, the Israeli Air Force attacked a series of attacks on the military infrastructure of Hamas. As it became known only today, one of the objects to be liquidated was a tunnel built for Hamas submarine terrorists. Thanks to him, the fighters of the elite naval unit of Hamas “Nukba” had the opportunity to penetrate into the sea with undetected Israeli surveillance devices, and then, sailing underwater in the aqualungs, land on the Israeli shore. According to the Israeli military, such tunnels were used by terrorists when landing on the beach “Zikim” during Operation “Indestructible Rock”. According to a high-ranking Israeli Navy officer, Hamas has not one such tunnel in the Gaza Strip, and the IDF is currently making great efforts to detect the remaining ones.


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