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Harley Quinn is reportedly not in Suicide Squad 2

Gotham's Mistress of Mischief is from the Suicide Mission Episode? A new report from Forbes claims that is the case.

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, the Forbes story delves into the current state of the DC Extended Universe and discusses how the projects of Warner Bros. and DC Films are in the works and what projects the studios will have in the near future (including Shazam!, the Joaquin phoenix joker, and wonder Wife 1984 (just to name a few), the sprawling superhero franchise could provide unprecedented success and a bright future. Author Mark Hughes, television and film screenwriter and contributor to Forbes, touched on development features like those just announced Aquaman ausgründen The ditch and the girls ensemble strip birds of preyto discuss then Suicide Command 2that has what used to be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, no. 3 Director James Gunn wrote the script.

The biggest snack from Hughes & # 39; comments on the ones written by Gunn Suicide Mission Continued, Harley Quinn reportedly will not be involved.

Since the film is referred to as a "soft reboot," it is not expected to connect with the events of the original Suicide Missiondirected by David Ayer. Hughes pointed out that the sequel includes "a new cast of characters" and avoids "direct ties" to the first film.

An important consequence of wiping the slate and removing the distance between the first and the second Suicide Mission In movies, it is expected that Harley will not return. Gunn has reportedly followed the burgeoning "new approach" Suicide Mission Movie series and has created a script that serves as a "rethinking of the property".

While Warner Bros. has not confirmed if Gunn really is behind the wheel to steer Suicide Command 2, deadline previously reported that he is in talks for the gig. Hughes, in turn, described Gunn as definitely "on board as a director" and detailed that Gunn "will give plenty of room with the upcoming sequel to add a new dimension to the series and the world of DC films." "Whatever this new taste may be, it seems to be free of Harley Quinn.

To hear that Harley might be kicked out of the Suicide Squad squad for the upcoming sequel is disappointing but not surprising. It remains an important part of the DCEU, regardless of its links to the DCEU Suicide Mission Property, as Margot Robbie will portray her in Birds of prey (and the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn) The publication is scheduled for 7 February 2020. If Warner Bros. goes through the other functions focused on Joker and Harley Quinn, Robbie will bring her Cutesy criminals to the big screen again and again. She could rejoin the Suicide Squad later, but she has other commitments for the time being.

I look out over Harley Suicide Command 2 is reported to be focusing on a new mob of mob heroes who say a lot about where Gunn wants to bring the property. The filmmaker made a big name with his Protector of the galaxy Franchise, electrifying the OG film and its sequel with its quirky sense of humor, distinctive storytelling style and unique directing decisions. Well, since he is no longer able to complete his Guardian Trilogy that was fired from Vol. 3 In July 2018, after the tweets of the offensive had reappeared in the past, Gunn is likely to seek to penetrate the Gunnels Suicide Mission Series with some of the same high energy and blatant fun that did that Guardian Movies so entertaining.

Since then, the crew of the Guardians of the Galaxy has also been able to make props in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where in the Marvel Comics world they used to be more confusing characters, suggesting that he has some underrated heroes and villains from the DC Comics – Gallery for Suicide Command 2, After seeing critics flambé Suicide MissionWarner Bros. may be open to Gunn, who is outperforming the property and doing something fresh and hopefully more acceptance (by reviewers anyway) – even if it means eliminating Harley.

Before we, or any of you readers out there, put the cart in front of the horse, we take a step back, remembering that this is just an unconfirmed report. We can derive plausibility from this by simply comparing it to what we know about Gunn's film methods and the critics' reaction to the first Suicide Missionbut again no one else directly with the Suicide Mission sequel has commented on any commentary on Harley's involvement in the new film.

Until that day comes, sit back, relax and find out why Harley Quinn is more important than we imagined.


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