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Have not seen "House of Cards" for years? Who cares? Let's talk about the end.

Robin Wright in the last season of "House of Cards". (David Giesbrecht / Netflix on AP)

(Obviously, this post includes many spoilers about the last season of House of Cards.)

Time of confession: I do not remember the last season of "House of Cards," which I experienced in its entirety. Maybe Season 3 or 4? All the corruption of the past five years has just turned into a rorschach test of my fandom for this undeniable show. The last thing I remember was that Claire and Frank Underwood, your friendly neighbor Macbeth's, had serious marital problems (cheating, murdering, smoking cigarettes) and that Frank wanted Claire to give him interludes or whatever and like Claire helped "No" and then she was like "okay, well, because I hate you." Or something. In any case, I was sadly in deficit when the sixth and final season of "House of Cards" fell on Friday. But since the twists and turns of this roller coaster ride are always impossible to keep straight, why not just dive into blindness? With the questions I had, I broke down the final season of Netflix's political drama.

Frank is dead?

After Kevin Spacey was fired from the show (and all of Hollywood) for sexual harassment allegations, he had to play the comically insidious Frank Underwood. Apparently – and again I did not watch last season, or the previous season – Claire Underwood was already on her way to the Oval Office and the divorce was on the horizon at the end of Season Five. We realize right away that Frank is not just dead for Claire: he's dead for everyone. And no one knows how he really died, because in this show, no deaths are natural or accidental. Claire claims that she woke Francis (her nickname for him), who was lying next to her in bed, but later clarifies that she found him in his own room and suspected murder. Murder of whom? We do not know yet.

Doug is still trying with Doug?

Douglas Stamper, Frank's right hand – the devil's hand, if you will – is in some sort of rehab center to kill murderers. The Underwoods somehow convinced Doug to take the death of Zoe Barnes by Metro. Zoe is a character that even the most casual "House of Cards" fan will never forget. She was the journalist whose career Frank helped feed her shovels that helped him politically. She's also the smart young woman (and Frank's sometime lover) who found out that Mr. Underwood was doing some murderous things behind the scenes and was pushed by Frank in front of a subway train. But Doug, an extremely loyal Francophile, is rewarded for his decades-long service at the Underwoods (including murder) with possible jail time. Oh, and he secretly hates Claire's guts. This has often been jealous of the past few years, but has developed into complete contempt in this last round.

I thought the older sister of "Party of Five" would be here.

She died last season.

Where did the antichrist come from "America Horror Story: Apocalypse"?

Apparently, there is a third political party that operates in secret and uses the vast wealth of its hidden .00001 percent to support elected officials across the country. In the "House of Cards" universe, this party is led by the Shepherds, a curious trio of brother and sister and son with Oedipaly vibes, who want to see Claire dead because they will not sign a bill that would ever dismantle any government rule or so. The heir to the throne of the Shepherd dynasty is Duncan, played by a scary Cody Fern, who also plays the devil's son in "America Horror Story: Apocalypse". Obviously, everything he does is evil. The Shepherd Clan is doing everything possible to defeat President Claire Hale (she has returned to her birth name), inter alia, by trying to kill her unborn daughter by getting her pregnant early.

Wait, Claire is pregnant?

Yes. Claire continues the theme of the Apocalypse and bears the spawn of a human being. It's never explained how Claire got pregnant with Frank's child because it was her, she slept with his presidential biographer and Frank is dead. However, we believe that Claire and Frank, who, as far as I can remember, never wanted children have "tried", and as soon as it is politically favorable, she announces that she is pregnant. While this does not discourage the Shepherds' plan to assassinate them, Doug seems a bit tired when he kills the mother of the sole heir of his favorite leader. Light.

Where did the mother of "Sharp Objects" come from?

Patricia Clarkson plays Jane Davis, an insider from Washington with no recognizable job title, who trusts Claire more than anyone else. Claire trusts Jane so much that she pulls her into the White House and they have lunch together and sometimes lie around in their silk-colored PJs. Of course, Jane betrays Claire and is eventually sentenced to a beautiful death in an adult shooting hole designed by Nancy Meyers. Serious.

Is journalism dead?

Yes. Type of. With the exception of Janine Skorsky (Constance Zimmer), almost every reporter character on this show has died a cruel death. Last season, Janine is still working for a small weekly newspaper in Ithaca, New York, which we believe is better than being murdered. She and Doug are working on a series of exclusive tracks that include Frank's "Audio Diary" (remember all of Underwood's conversations with the audience?). It is Janine's work that reveals the "real" Claire to the world, and it is she who appeals to Claire to tell her story that we know is a terrible idea when Janine likes to breathe. (She does, she lives.)

Not even Frank's voice occurs, right?


Doug killed Frank ?!

In the final scene of the series, a very pregnant Claire and a very disturbed Doug, who has been dancing around each other for months, finally take it to the mat. Doug meets Claire in the Oval as she enjoys the temporary victory of foiling the shepherds' plans to have her killed in the White House. He gives her audio diary from Frank and although we can not understand what's being said, Claire responds to what she hears. After some verbal fistfights, Claire Doug gets to admit that it was him! He killed Frank, who would kill Claire and thus his entire heir. So Doug poisoned his longtime hero to "protect the heritage from the man." Doug wants Claire to admit that Frank made her who she is, and she refuses, even with a letter opener at the throat. The Secret Service is useless outside the door as Claire turns over Doug with the letter opener and kills him by stabbing him in the stomach. The two people who knew Frank best have an incredibly intimate moment on the floor of the Oval Office as Doug bleeds on the carpet. Claire, who repeats Frank in the pilot episode, tells him, "There. No more pain. "


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