The Lancia was heading from the Park Forest towards the city center when a Fiat Multipla drove into its side from Erdő Street without slowing down.

The innocent car crashed into the drain on the left in the direction of travel after the collision and stopped next to trees. Ambulances transported three people to the hospital.

He drank, pushed Lancia into the ditch, wanted to arrange it smart 1

Fiat’s driver was certainly drunk (Photo:

According to those at the scene, the cause of the accident tried to start the car several times after the collision, but the engine did not start, and after failing to get off, the man tried to agree with the people in Lancia not to call a police officer, he would sort everything out.

Despite the request, the police were notified, who, after their arrival, probed the elderly driver of Fiat and then brought him to the Szombathely Police Station for blood and urine collection.

If drunk driving is proven, the cause of the accident could possibly say goodbye to your driver’s license.