He got a 10 in chemistry and the teacher left him an emotional message on the exam | Chronicle

In times in which many times only negative aspects stand out about teachers such as adolescence, a young woman who reached a grade of 10 in an exam shared on Twitter the emotional message that her teacher left her.

“Thank you and a thousand times thanks! For having the pleasure of being your teacher, for seeing your work, your attitude and your interest in the subject”, you can read what the message written by the Chemistry teacher says to Lucia Sánchez Velasco, a woman from Toledo studying second year of Bachelor of Science.

“You overcome yourself day by day. You are admirable! Never stop believing in yourself. You are worth a lot! The teacher continued, for which Lucía wrote when sharing the teacher’s messages on her social networks: “More teachers like this by fi”, accompanied by the emoticon of a heart.

Along these lines, the teacher wrote on the back of the page another encouraging message for his outstanding student, regarding her future profession.

“Good procedure and excellent explanations. It has been an honor working with you Lucía! You are going to be a fabulous doctor. Don’t stop believing in it. Help others, keep learning and never forget to stay happy. You deserve the best of the best Good luck ‘doctor Sánchez Velasco’. Go for it “, remarked the teacher.

Faced with inquiries about how the teacher is with the other boys, especially with those who do not get such high marks, Lucía clarified that her teacher writes these messages “To all the students, whatever grade I get”, and that “that’s why it’s so cool”.

The young woman’s experience generated a large number of retweets and responses from thousands of users who shared their personal experiences. In some cases, as positive as Lucía’s, but also with other experiences not as good as the previous one, of people who would have liked to have that warm relationship with their teacher.




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