“He was crying, I was nervous, I told him to shut up … I didn’t want to hurt him”

Amaryllis still doesn’t seem to hit. Shaking your baby is terribly more serious than stealing a packet of crisps from the grocery store around the corner … And the consequences are very different. For her but also for her child who is always placed in a nursery.

The young woman gave birth on November 13, 2019 at Notre-Dame hospital. A beautiful baby, her first child. But the social services are worried and are delaying his discharge from maternity by a few days …

On November 20, the baby convulses, it is all blue: it is the syndrome of the “shaken baby”!

> “He was crying, I was on edge, I told him to shut up. Then, maybe I shook him … “: the mother explains her gesture

> Two years later, he still risks irreversible consequences