Health calls on the population to come and donate blood

The Ministry of Health has made this Tuesday an appeal to the public to come and donate blood, especially during these summer months.

“The donation is vital for the supply of blood components to hospitals and to carry out multiple treatments and surgical interventions,” explains the Ministry in a statement.

Health insists that all those who can donate do so at the established points of each community or autonomous city, since it is “a simple act, safe for the donor and it is a permanent need for health care.”

During the past year, more than one and a half million people between the ages of 18 and 65 donated blood in Spain and 15 percent did so for the first time. The donations allowed a total of 1,886,500 transfusions to be carried out and 493,000 sick people could be treated.

Finally, Health has shown its gratitude to all the donors who come to donate blood or any of its components (plasma, platelets or red blood cells), helping to save “thousands of sick people”.