Heavy, on both sides of the screen


20 out of 20. This is the rating attributed by Jean-Baptiste, 10, to the documentary Lourdes. Jean-Baptiste is one of the "characters" of the film by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai, theatrical on May 8: with Patrick, his dad, they participated in the international military pilgrimage of 2017, filmed among others, by the two filmmakers.

In Lourdes, a pilgrimage to the service of the sick

The boy, suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome (SPW), has just discovered the film. And, like the other spectators, in the face of applause and reactions, he was not disappointed. The room is full of believers and probably non-believers, pilgrims, stretcher bearers and hospitable pilgrims, the pilgrimage of the Rosary, diocesan hospitality …

" This is the biggest room we've had for the moment ", Confide the two directors, happy to see how Lourdes seems to have touched the public as the Marian city has touched them, who are yet agnostic and atheist. The spectators salute the respect and the depth of their work.

"This movie, it screams God"

" Their neutral gaze brought out the spiritualobserves Benedict, Dominican, still in love. They filmed the tenderness of Lourdes … »« This film, it screams God, Brother Franck Dubois, director of the Rosary appearing on the screen, addresses the directors. Bravo, you have filmed the invisible. »« How can an atheist make images of this quality, such as plans on the censer or the priest's stole? Asks Laetitia, Jean-Baptiste's mother, moved to see her husband and son on the screen.

" The directors were able to capture the spontaneity of people, continues the woman who could not come to the pilgrimage to stay with Augustine, her second son with epidermolysis bullosa. Except once or twice Alban had to retake Jean-Baptiste who was really speaking too directly to him! "

Same echo of Serge, that we see in the film with his teenage daughter, Céline: « No words, no comments were blown on us, everything is spontaneous! Military pilgrimage, Rosary, diocesan, pilgrimage of prostitutes with the association Magdalena, or gypsies … I am happy to have seen on the screen this truly universal dimension of Lourdes and I think it's great to have dared to film transvestites, prostitutes, travelers … "Says Nathalie, enthusiastic. This 47-year-old physiotherapist made the Rosary pilgrimage for 20 years and she appreciated the close-ups on those outstretched hands, touching hands, caressing, imploring, tight arms … "

Spiritual intimacy

Everyone seems to find the Lourdes he knows while discovering the diversity of pilgrimages and pilgrims, from sick to hospitable to doctors, nurses, priests … Even those who do not know the Marian city are seduced Christophe, 45 years, or Michele, 70, have never set foot in Lourdes: the film has made these two Christians want to take the plunge. If Michele confesses that she still has trouble with this way of touch the rock It was particularly marked by the faith and piety of the gypsy community.

"The sanctuary of Lourdes has begun its renewal"

The documentary goes far in the spiritual intimacy of the pilgrims, filming the prayers of Isidore, travesti, or Patrick, who asks the Virgin to give him the strength to accompany his two young children … " These people are touched by the great physical and moral suffering, they do not complain but confide in the Virgin Mary, the Mother par excellence "Observes André, a spectator. Not to mention all the gestures of love, like Jean-Baptiste, "mascot" of the international military pilgrimage.

With the other pilgrims filmed, and especially the hospices in the service of the sick, he perfectly embodies the empathy lived in Lourdes, urging his neighbor of celebration, installed in his blue cart of several " It's okay ? Before taking his hand and asking for his name.

While Jean-Louis, another pilgrim from the North, who usually expresses himself by showing the letters of the alphabet, manages to articulate a I love you very much To the hospitable people who say goodbye to him. " This film is like pilgrimage, we do not want it to end "Reacts a lady in the room.

At the pools of Lourdes, "little miracles"

The public was particularly touched by the scenes filmed at the pools, " very rare scenes As Sonia Roquette, hospitable of the Rosary, explains. " The scene where Patrick goes to the pools with his son Jean-Baptiste moved me a lot because I lived the same with my son and my father "Says Antoine, 46, who has been leaving for 17 years with the hospitality of Lille.

" I do not know if it's out of fear or modesty but I have never taken the step, testifies Serge, who comes to Lourdes every two years, with the Catholic Relief during the diocesan pilgrimage of Cambrai. So seeing my daughter plunge into the water, there on the big screen, it touches me deeply. "

Celine, who suffers from epilepsy and cysts on the arm, devotes a great devotion to Saint Bernadette. The girl who always comes back from Lourdes appeased, says: « It's thanks to the documentary that I dared to talk to my parents about the harassment I suffered … "Tuesday night, Serge said he had found work after the premiere broadcast in Valenciennes.



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