Heavy rain flooded Kotel and Veliko Tarnovo, a partial state of emergency in Antonovo

Heavy rain flooded streets in Kotel and Veliko Tarnovo. The heavy rain in Kotel fell in about an hour, this morning, a river came out of its bed, the municipality told BTA.

Iglika Street, located in the lower part of the city, is once again flooded. Garbage containers have been turned over there, cars have been dragged. A tree fell on an ambulance near the emergency center in the city.

Teams from the municipality, the fire brigade and the Water and Sewerage Company patrol the city, dehydrate it and work to repair the damage.

More than a month ago, on May 16, torrential rain flooded the same street, and two years ago in June a state of emergency was declared there, after torrential rain and overflow of the Kotlenska River.

A powerful thunderstorm flooded Veliko Tarnovo as well this morning. The city’s main street turned into a river, and a huge tree tore wires in Arbanassi.

There is information about flooded commercial sites, which are located on the ground floors.

A partial state of emergency has been declared in several villages in the municipality of Antonovo. The decision of the Crisis Headquarters of the municipality was taken today because of the storm with torrential rain, the mayor of Antonovo Hayredin Mehmedov told BTA.

The natural disaster has caused damage in various settlements in the municipality. There are flooded houses, fallen pedestrian bridges in Stevrek, a drained drain – along the river Stara Rechka.

A hurricane-force wind blew this morning in the area of ​​the village of Kapishte. There the damage is most serious. The roofs of about 10 houses have been taken away and broken, Deputy Mayor Aysel Alieva told BTA. The storm started at 7.30 am and lasted about 20 minutes. There are fallen trees, electric poles, broken wires. The settlement, where about 50 people live, has no electricity.

“The torrential rain flooded the houses, the property of a farmer who raises sheep was most seriously damaged. The wind completely destroyed his barn and the animals remained in the rain,” Aliyeva said. The rain has stopped and the weather has returned to normal. People are recovering from the elements.

According to the mayor’s order, a partial state of emergency has been declared in 30 villages in the municipality. All mayors, deputy mayors and members of the Voluntary Formations should be involved in the rescue work.

Mehmedov added that the restoration activities and damage assessment are starting today.

Trees fell after torrential rain with a storm in Yambol region

Twelve signals for fallen trees and branches have been submitted to the Yambol Department of Internal Affairs, after the torrential rain that fell this morning with a thunderstorm, police spokeswoman Tatiana Pavlova told BTA.

Due to a fallen tree, the road between Straldzha and the road junction “Petolachkata” is temporarily closed for traffic. The main Hemus Blvd. in Straldzha is also closed for traffic. For about an hour from 9.30 am to 10.30 am the traffic on the railway line Sofia – Burgas in the area of ​​Straldzha was stopped.

There are no reports of floods or injuries. Fire safety and public protection teams are currently clearing the roads.