Heber – CSKA: 0: 3 (Development of the match by minutes)


Tournament: Bulgarian Cup
Stadium: “Bulgarian Army”, Sofia
Audience: 2483


End of the match.


Another beam! Thomas Lam intercepted a cross with his head, but the ball hit the crossbar.


Beam! Ivaylo Mihailov, the players from both teams failed to play with the ball, which hit the crossbar slightly and went out.


Kaloyan Krastev replaces Graham Carey.


Ivaylo Vassilev reflected a very strong blow to Varela from about 15 meters to the right of his door.


Tsvetelin Tonev leaves the field, Georgi Karakashev takes his place.


Fun moment of the “Army”. The game was stopped as the field sprayers were turned on.


Jürgen Matej replaces Jefferson.


Georgi Yomov replaces Yannick-Sonny Wildhut.


Evgeni Ignatov leaves, Todor Chavorski takes his place.


Beginning of the second part.


End of the first half.


Federico Varela sent a ball deflected by Ivaylo Vassilev in the door, but his goal was canceled due to an ambush.


GOAL! Jordi Caicedo scores again! Varela cunningly brought Ahmedov into the penalty area. He took the ball and passed around the penalty spot, where the uncovered Jordi Caicedo was. Without thinking, the Ecuadorian sent the ball to Vassilev’s door.


GOAL! Ahmed Ahmedov! Federico Varela brought out Ahmedov in a wonderful way, who overcame Ivaylo Vassilev and sent the ball in the door.


GOAL! Jordi Caicedo! The Ecuadorian received a pass from Kerry and fired a powerful shot, which left no chances for Ivaylo Vassilev.


Yellow card for Oleg Dimitrov


Ignatov’s shot from a long distance. Dimitar Evtimov catches the ball without a problem.


Ahmedov! The footballer intercepted a cross deep in Heber’s penalty area. Although out of a difficult situation, Ahmedov played, but inaccurately.

Photo 547511


Graham Kerry and Federico Varela played a learned position from a direct free kick. The Argentine shot dangerously, but Ivaylo Vassilev saved.


The Reds have more control of the ball and are patiently waiting for a crack in the opponent’s defense.


Start of the match.

The winner of the trophy in the tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria CSKA starts the defense of the award against Heber today at 18:00 of the “Bulgarian Army”. Admission for fans is free.

The leader in the provisional ranking in the Second League is a symbolic host of the match, but the poor condition of the field at the “Georgi Benkovski” stadium ruined the match there.

An offer to play for Lauta followed, but Hristo Krusharski did not agree and in the end this option was reached.

CSKA coach Stoycho Mladenov is expected to make some changes in the composition of the “reds”. However, due to the crisis with injured players, he does not have many options to work with.

Very good news for CSKA

Very good news for CSKA

John Bai is fine

The striker Kaloyan Krastev, attracted by Slavia, will start as a starter at the top of the attack. He started from the first minute against Roma at Olimpico, but remained on the bench in the last match against Botev in Vratsa. Dimitar Evtimov will be the starter, and Bradley Maziku and Donchev will act in front of him.

The Mets and Galabov will be located in the center of the defense, and Carlo Muhar will act in front of them. Wildshut and Yomov, who are in excellent shape, will play on the wings, and we will see Kerry and Varela in the role of offensive midfielders.

It is possible that Jefferson will appear in the game, who will remain a reserve. The Brazilian is returning from injury. Ioan Bai, who was in pain, is also expected to be included, but his injury is not serious.

At the same time, Heber coach Nikolay Mitov will rely on the best he has. The experienced specialist, who also led Levski in his career, has no problems with punished and injured players.

Probable compositions:

Heber: Deberliev, Tartov, Papazov, Bastunov, Tonev, Pehlivanov, Terziev, Hamdiev, Ignatov, Manev, Petkov.

CSKA: Evtimov, Maziku, Mets, Galabov, Donchev, Muhar, Wildshut, Kerry, Varela, Yomov, Krastev.

Official: Heber - CSKA will be played on "The army"

Official: Heber – CSKA will play at the “Army”

The starting time of the match also changes



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