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Bad adventure for the passengers on a flight that returned from Malta to Abruzzo, at Pescara airport. Nine of the 70 people on board tested positive for Covid after landing. As a precaution, the regional task force has decided to place in fiduciary isolation all passengers, including those with a Green pass, since in direct contact with the infected. He told theAnsa the regional contact person for emergencies, Alberto Albani. The governor Marco Marsilio has already imposed the test with an ordinance on all those arriving from Malta, the United Kingdom and Spain, the countries with the most Covid cases in the last period.

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In reality, out of 70 passengers, only 65 agreed to swab. The other five refused saying they have the Green Pass. The nine positives are all young, with few or even zero symptoms. Further tests were carried out on passengers returning from London this morning. “The Abruzzo Region and the emergency task force have adopted a measure that goes in the right direction. This operation immediately brought the first results. The virus is returning to important levels of spread“Albani said.

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In reference to the Malta case, then, the regional contact for emergencies added: “As a precaution we decided to arrange the 14-day fiduciary isolation for all passengers, regardless of the Green pass. Fortunately we were able to immediately intercept the positives . We are trying to nip any outbreaks in the bud. Now the contact tracing activities will start “.

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