Hertha BSC brings YouTube star Nader El-Jindaoui – Bundesliga

An unusual transfer!

Hertha brought in striker Nader El-Jindaoui (25) from the Berlin Athletik Klub 1907 for the regional league team.

A small change for Hertha’s U23? Not quite. Or better: not only.

El-Jindaoui (14 goals in 35 games in the 2021/22 season) has what many young professionals envy:

1.6 million followers on the Instagram platform.

His wife Louisa even has 1.7 million fans there!

On YouTube, both of them have a further 1.2 million followers with their joint channel!

Will they all become Hertha fans now…?

What does El-Jindaoui excite so many people about online? Clips and photos from his personal life. His wife and he let the fans get very close. Baby Imani (7 months) can also watch the followers grow.

Hertha access Nader El-Jindaoui (1.6 million followers on Instagram) with his wife Louisa (1.7 million), his little sister Mina and daughter Imani (7 months)Photo: City-Press GmbH

Now Hertha’s regional league offspring should benefit from El-Jindaoui’s goals – and maybe also a little from his popularity. The Berliner at “It has always been my dream to play for Hertha BSC one day. Thanks to the good conversations I had with the coach and those responsible, I’m absolutely convinced that I made the right decision. I’m very happy and I really want to deliver with the boys on the pitch.”

According to, El-Jindaoui has a market value of 175,000 euros. Not much for a pro. But its value for Hertha’s social media department should be huge. Incidentally, the club’s YouTube channel has 67,400 subscribers – still…