Horizon Zero Dawn gets its own podcast

Via Twitter Guerilla Games, the game studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn, announced a new podcast. The very first episode will be online today, and will be available to listen to via Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Soundcloud. The series of episodes delve deeper into the stories behind Horizon Zero Dawn. In the first episode none other than main character Aloy is in the spotlight.

Season one of the GAIA Cast will contain 8 episodes, with the names of the upcoming two already announced: Events of the Twenty-First Century and Project Zero Dawn. The first will likely be about events prior to the in-game situation, and Project Zero Dawn will no doubt explain more about Project Zero Dawn. The project is also explained in the game itself, but it’s nice to be fully informed before the release of Forbidden West.

Want to know more about Forbidden West?

On the PlayStation Blog, the Guerilla team tells more about the wonderful world of Forbidden West, the latest DLC coming February 18, 2022. The blog explains in detail why certain decisions were made about the new Forbidden West map, and gives gamers more insight into what the game will look like. The blog also contains gifs, which visually show the latest world. You can also read everything about the Forbidden West on our website.