How Nodalview wants to transform real estate professionals into connected agents

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Five years after its launch, the start-up Nodalview, specializing in the production of professional quality photos for real estate agents, is taking a new turn and is now positioning itself as a sales and marketing platform to accelerate the success of real estate agents. Thomas Lepelaars, co-founder of Nodalview, takes stock of what’s new.

Thomas Lepelaars, co-founder of Nodalview – © DR

How has the Nodalview platform evolved since its launch?

Since 2016, she has matured a lot. Our original desire was to support real estate professionals on the subject of the marketing, distribution and development of properties on the internet, by offering them a visual capture tool which allows them to take photos, virtual tours, and videos in a very qualitative way.

Then we realized that the real estate agent’s challenge was to be visible and to bring out his brand through the communication of his goods. We have therefore developed a platform to allow real estate agents to create their own virtual experiences, such as a photo report, a virtual tour or even a video edited with a soundtrack, but also to integrate their logo.

With the Covid, we have integrated another module that offers real estate agents the possibility of interacting with their prospects. Thanks to our tools, they can support them in a visite immersive in connected and engaging ways and thus achieve a qualifying visit of a good.

Today we add a marketing component which will allow the agent to water his social networks with dissemination campaigns in order to maximize the number of people affected thanks to beautiful photos and beautiful videos.

What is your new positioning?

We have become a platform that supports real estate agents in their marketing campaign and their marketing modern and connected through quality visuals.

The other novelty is that we have completely opened our platform and signed a partnership with Matterport. From now on, the capture can be done via the Nodalview smartphone application, but also solutions such as Matterport, a camera or a 360 camera. Our objective, through this evolution, is to address 100% of the market and no longer be limited to agencies that needed a capture solution.

Today they all have the need to offer a modern shopping experience to their seller to ensure the usefulness of the estate agent in the transaction. It is important to justify your know-how, while putting yourself at the heart of the experience, that is to say that it is the real estate agent who makes visits, who qualifies the contacts, and who makes visits to his prospects to understand if the property corresponds to him.

How do you see the real estate market evolving in the coming years?

We believe that today the differentiation of the real estate agent can no longer be done on the list of services he offers, but on the way in which he markets the property for sellers. He must come up with a new manner modern de sell goods to owners who are always more demanding and who always want to have more proof on why he pays a commission.

The real challenge of 2022 will therefore be to justify itself, to prove its added value in this transaction. Real estate professionals must become augmented real estate agents, that is to say always a local agent, in the field, who knows everything about his entourage, but who also knows how to use digital tools in order to be always more efficient, visible and efficient.

What are your goals and projects in the coming months?

We will continue to develop our tools to provide more and more support to real estate agents. We will work on new features content creation recommendation for social networks, the acquisition of new leads on marketing channels and the qualification of these leads in immersive visual experiences.

We also wish to continue our international Development with in particular the opening of new markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany, which are planned for next year, and the expansion of our commercial deployment in the United States.