How the new Burda boss wants to change the company – economy

Martin Weiss has been the new boss of the Burda Group since the beginning of the year. He wants to introduce a new management style and make some changes, but stick with the magazines – even if the growth happens elsewhere.

Interviewed by Caspar Buses

On the wall is an oversized photo of Bastian Schweinsteiger, he has the famous wound on his face, the World Cup he has just won in his hand and, with a gold medal around his neck, he climbs down a flight of stairs in the Maracanã Stadium, exhausted. Martin Weiss, Burda’s new boss, likes the photo. He himself is a fan of the London football club FC Fulham, where he had a season ticket for many years, and the club has just been promoted to the Premier League. Weiss himself has also risen to become Burda boss, and he has moved back from London to his hometown of Munich.