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In Russia, a vote was passed on amendments to the Constitution. The amendments were adopted by a majority vote, only one region voted against. Maps and main results – in RBC material

How voted on amendments to the Constitution

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The amendments were supported by 77.92%, they opposed – 21.27%. The regions with the highest level of support for amendments were Chechnya (97.92%), Tuva (96.79%), and Crimea (90.07%). The only region where most residents voted against is the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (55.94%).

Voting turnout for constitutional amendments

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Turnout exceeded 67%. The regions with the highest turnout are Chechnya (95%), Tuva (92%) and Bashkiria (90%). The lowest turnout – 44% – was recorded in several regions at once: Kamchatka Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, Irkutsk Region and Tomsk Region.

As voted on amendments to the Constitution in Moscow

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In Moscow, in none of the districts did the majority of voters vote against the amendments. In Khamovniki, Ostankino and Gagarinsky districts, 44–46% of voters voted “against”. The highest level of support (75–77%) was shown by the Moskvorechye-Saburovo, Arbat, Chertanovo Yuzhnoye, Vnukovo, Nagatinsky Zaton, Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye districts.

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