How to amplify the Wi-Fi network using an Android mobile

Keep reading because this information can get you out of various troubles in the future.

Let’s start by asking ourselves, what is a Wi-Fi repeater?

A Wi-Fi repeater is a device that extends the coverage of a wireless network. It is placed in an intermediate place between the router and the area where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or does not reach, to repeat the signal and increase its range. In this way, you can connect to the network in areas where it was not possible before.

Now that we know what a Wi-Fi repeater is, let’s move on to the information that cures, how do we use that Android mobile that is thrown away and full of dust as a Wi-Fi repeater?

To use an Android mobile as a Wi-Fi repeater we must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Android device has access to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to Settings -> More -> Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  3. Activate the Wi-Fi Hotspot option.
  4. Configure a name and password for the repeated network.
  5. Connect another device to the repeated network via Wi-Fi.
  6. Verify that the connected device has access to the Internet through the repeated network.

Please note that the speed and quality of the repeated connection will depend on the strength of the original signal and the processing capacity of the Android device.

What do I do if my Android phone does not have the Wi-Fi Hotspot option?

Very simple, you can use any of the following applications:

  • fqrouter2
  • NetShare
  • WiFi Repeteater