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How to prepare your phone in case of a natural disaster

Hurricane Florence will hit the coast of the Carolinas on Thursday night and thousands of people have opted not to evacuate their homes, determined to withstand the force of the storm and its winds of more than 100 miles per hour.

What to do during a hurricane? These are the security measures that you must follow

Among the multiple preparations that must be adopted to face a natural disaster like this, your smartphone It is a key tool in your essential survival kit. Either by an earthquake or a hurricane, these are the recommended steps to get your phone ready (via CNN).


Do not expect electric power in your area to never be cut during a tropical storm. At some point you will run out of light and you will not want to call your relatives when you have 3% battery left.

The best thing you can do is recharge your phone (even those you no longer use), your laptop and all your mobile devices 100% in advance (in case of a storm). Then enable emergency mode, reduce the brightness and disable your notifications to minimize battery consumption. Finally, look for improvised recharging points near your location so you do not run out of batteries.


Zello is a type application walkie talkie that allows you to share audio messages and photos on exclusive emergency channels. FireChat is a messaging app that works without data or WiFi, and instead is based on mesh networks.

The Open Homes program of Airbnb helps people in search of refuge. Finally, install some of the available applications of the Red Cross, which can offer first aid, even to pets.


Do not miss any important update of Civil Protection or the local and state public security department to follow these entities through their social networks. Save the emergency numbers in your phone's directory.

It also follows each of the important media outlets and tries to ignore WhatsApp chains and other sources that disseminate unverified information.


If you live in the United States, make sure emergency alerts are enabled in your phone's settings for serious threats. The government can send these alerts, for example, evacuation orders to telephones through the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system.

If you live in Mexico, the Sky Alert app can send earthquake alerts before the effects of a telluric movement are felt.


Google Maps gives you the option of downloading complete maps of your area to your phone that you can consult offline (without wireless connection). This is very important since the map query requires an extraordinary amount of data.

Make sure you have the Waze application installed to avoid crashes and accidents if you are going to drive.

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