How to prevent bullying

How to prevent bullying

At the same time, Seniuk also recommended paying attention to cyberbullying , which is the use of telematic means such as Internet and mobile telephony to exert psychological harassment among children or adolescents.
“This aggression circulates 24 hours. It is more difficult to defend yourself in social networks because there are no teachers or teachers to turn to ” said the official.
He also maintained that there are signs for parents to identify if their children are victims of these harassments. In that sense, he recommended paying attention if the students present a change of eating habits, have sleep disorders and manifest anxiety. Another sign to take into account is the low academic performance.
Seniuk He also advised dads and moms to control social networks without invading the privacy of the kids. “It is advisable for parents to manage the same social networks as their children. Now teens use Instagram, but parents stayed with Facebook ” , he claimed.
Finally he argued that the Inadi does not sanction cases of bullying or cyberbullying because those involved are minors. “As a prevention, we aim for awareness” added Seniuk .

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