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Such a symptom can be caused by many diseases and causes many

The head of the emergency department from the clinic of Yekaterinburg told, from what, in addition to COVID-19, coughing may occur. Amid the general panic, people forgot, that this symptom is not unique to coronavirus, and he has a lot of reasons.

Head of the emergency department of the sixth city hospital in Yekaterinburg Elena Kandrashova in conversation with the publication E1 ”recalled that, that cough is primarily a protective reaction of the body, congenital reflex, which is designed to clear the airways. Coughing is not a disease in itself., this is only a symptom, the reason for which can be very different. And this is far from always COVID-19.

Smoking. Very often it is this bad habit that causes coughing, with the help of which the body tries to rid the bronchi of harmful substances. It usually starts with a dry cough, and may end in an attack.

ARVI, rhinitis and sinusitis. With these diseases, mucus from the nasopharynx sometimes flows into the upper respiratory tract and irritates the receptors. In this case, the lungs and bronchi will be clean.

Problems, associated with the stomach. More correctly, this is called gastroesophageal reflux., in which during digestion part of the contents of the stomach is thrown into the esophagus and into the respiratory tract.

Intestinal infections. Coughing may occur with adenovirus, enterovirus, and often with these diseases there is vomiting, indigestion and abdominal pain.

Heart diseases. Such a cough often resembles bronchitis, but with it there are still pains in the heart, behind the sternum. Often, these symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath., dizziness and fainting.

Thyroid. When, when the thyroid is enlarged, she starts to put pressure on the trachea, larynx and irritating cough zones.

Drug response. When taking medicine, hypertensive patients often have a dry cough. When replacing medicines, it disappears.

Seasonal Allergy By mid-April, allergy sufferers, flowering sensitive, often begin to cough. Spring polynosis is not uncommon, so coughing people will soon become noticeably more.

Stress. Often, obsessive coughing occurs on a nervous basis, which is now very important even for people, who had never noticed before. This cough goes away without sputum., arises and disappears suddenly and is not associated with the inflammatory process. In this case, it is important to calm down and switch thoughts.

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