How Trump celebrates the failed impeachment process

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“Trump acquitted”: It is the Washington Post of all that Trump holds up in the East Room of the White House this afternoon, while the Republicans applaud the audience. He actually despises the old-established newspaper, likes to subsume it under the “failing press”. Perhaps he will frame this copy, jokes the President. He has come to make a statement about yesterday’s impeachment acquittal – and to savor his triumph. “We went through hell, unfairly, we didn’t go wrong,” Trump says. “It was malicious, it was corrupt, there were cops with dirt, there were leaks and liars,” he describes his view of the investigation.

Not only journalists came, several cabinet members and conservative politicians also get Trump’s praise for their loyalty. Mitch McConnell is a “great man,” says the president. The majority leader in the Senate had been on his side from the start and never hesitated. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, used religion as a crutch and pretext when he was the only Republican to vote for one of the charges against Trump, the abuse of his office’s power. Romney had pleaded his oath before God in his speech the day before.

“But you know, this is a failed presidential candidate. And if you fail so badly in the fight for the presidency, things can happen to you, ”Trump says, referring to Romney’s general and general candidacies in 2008 and 2012.“ Tell them I’m sorry about Mitt Romney, ”he says added to voters in his home state of Utah.

Trump takes up the conspiracy theories of his followers

Trump then tells the story of the past three years again as a battle against enemy forces – whatever went wrong in time, in his view, is up to the Democrats. And all battles ended with his “victory” thanks to the loyal Republicans at his side. Before the impeachment proceedings against the latest chapter of the “witch hunt” against him came to an end, “we first went through Russia, Russia, Russia,” Trump complains. He also repeats some conspiracy theories that tirelessly spread many of his followers online. He claims that the authorities started investigations against his campaign team in 2015.

The “witch hunt” started, “from the day we came down the elevator, me and later the first lady,” Trump said, referring to the announcement of his candidacy in the New York Trump Tower in June 2015. His campaign was launched but only since the summer of 2016 has it been examined whether Russians tried to exert influence. Trump also alludes to the unproven claim that there were plans within the federal FBI to prevent it before his election.



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