HSG Krefeld Niederrhein: Pallach expands training program

HSG Krefeld-Niederrhein
Maik Pallach expands the training program

The coach of the third division handball team HSG Krefeld Niederrhein will also gather part of his team twice a week in the morning. Managing Director André Schicks expects a budget increase of around 20 percent.

Those responsible at HSG Krefeld Niederrhein looked at the grouping of the 3rd Bundesliga, which the German Handball Association published last Wednesday, with mixed feelings. Because four second teams, three of them from Bundesliga clubs, belong to the 14 teams. “Of course, these four second teams present us with special tasks because they are surprise bags. You never know who will play from above,” says coach Maik Pallach.

Otherwise, he could live well with the group division: “It’s a shame that Ferndorf isn’t in our group because it’s a top club that brings a lot of spectators with it.” For him, second division relegated TV Emsdetten is the top favorite: “This team will be the measure of all be things. I know there aren’t many exits there. The club was always in the 2nd division for over 20 years and has the right to be promoted again. But I’m also looking forward to teams like Ahlen or Spenge. Otherwise, these are the usual suspects. It is certainly attractive for us that TV Aldekerk has risen.”

On the one hand, managing director André Schicks is happy about attractive opponents who attract spectators or bring them with them, such as promoted Aldekerk, on the other hand he expects many difficult tasks. “In terms of sport, it’s a bigger challenge than in the previous season. In addition to the second teams and relegated Emsdetten, there will definitely be a surprise team again.”

In order for the goal of the Eagles’ rise to be realistic, the team will be further strengthened. So far, perspective player Loïc Kaysen from VfL Gummersbach II, right winger Julian Athanassoglou from second division club VfL Eintracht Hagen and backcourt player Tim Claasen from HSG Ostsee Neustadt/Grömitz have been signed. “We’ve made a lot of progress towards our goal of strengthening the team in depth,” says Pallach. We are still looking for a young and an experienced circle runner. Both should be found before the start of training. Sports director Stefan Nippes is currently working on this at full speed. Circle player Lars Jagieniak, who tore the lateral ligament in his knee in the last game of the season, will be out for another three to four weeks. Of course, more better players for the team means more costs. According to Schicks, the budget should therefore be increased by 20 percent. Marketing manager Fabian Herzog, who has already been able to win additional sponsors, is primarily responsible for this.

On July 11, Pallach gathers his protégés for the first time in the Glockenspitzhalle to start preparations for the start of the championship on the weekend of July 3rd and 4th. September. “Then the focus is initially on the tests. Everyone got training plans for the break. After a long season, the players were able to relax for 14 days.”

In order to be even better prepared for the championship games, the Eagles will practice twice a week in the mornings starting this season. “I expect a group of 10 to 12 players. The others are not available professionally,” says the trainer.

Real touchstones stand in the way of HSG Krefeld during the preparation. After the easy start at the state league club TV Schwafheim (20.7.), the Kaiserau sports school will take on the Bundesliga club Bergischer HC, albeit behind closed doors. First division promoted ASV Hamm will come to the Glockenspitz for the first test on their own floor on Wednesday, August 3rd. After the home tournament weekend on August 6th/7th (see info), the dress rehearsal for the start of the championship will also take place in our own hall. Then on Saturday, August 27th, 4 p.m. second division relegated TuS Ferndorf will be a guest.