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Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun paid homage to Mazu accompanied by Yan Qingbiao, chairman of the Dajia Zhenlan Palace. Mentioned that the legislator Huang Guoshu was an informant in the Kuomintang’s sentimental governance system, Zhu Lilun said that the DPP’s internal fighting was very hot, and emphasized that the Kuomintang began self-reflection and democratization 30 years ago.Picture: Zhang Liangyi/Photo

The political arena is shocking! DPP legislator Huang Guoshu was reported by the media that he had served as a “professional student” and an informant in the Kuomintang sentiment and governance system. He was expelled from the new trend department. He announced today (17th) that he would withdraw from the DPP and no longer seek re-election in the next legislature. . When Huang Guoshu was interviewed by the media, he mentioned that “I didn’t expect to be hunted down by the party,” and he made this decision. Zhu Lilun, chairman of the KMT, believes that the DPP’s infighting is very hot, and it is heating up, and emphasized that the KMT began self-reflection and democratization 30 years ago.

The Liberty Times reported that Huang Guoshu was a Kuomintang informant when he was a student and was expelled from the New Trends Department a few months ago. Huang Guoshu posted on Facebook in the early morning that this past took place during the period of martial law, and he was forced to express his apology to the person concerned. Huang also announced that with immediate effect, withdrawing from the Democratic Progressive Party and from the operation of the party caucus, the work of serving voters will continue. After the expiration of the current term, he will no longer seek re-election and will devote himself to cultural public welfare to serve the society in the future.

Zhu Lilun went to Shalu District, Taichung City in the morning to attend the living room meeting for the removal of Taiwan’s Foundation Progressive Party legislator Chen Baiwei, and accepted a joint media interview. Regarding Huang Guoshu’s withdrawal from the party, Zhu Lilun believed that the DPP’s internal fighting was very hot and it was heating up.

Zhu Lilun emphasized that Wu Zijia, chairman of the Formosa Electronic News, who spoke the truth and criticized the DPP today, was also expelled. As for the faction’s infighting, he would not comment.

Zhu Lilun said that today it is not the Kuomintang that was the unit for the governance of intelligence at the time. About 30 to 40 years ago, the Kuomintang was already self-reflection and democratization. Regardless of the time from Chiang Ching-kuo to President Lee Teng-hui, it was the Kuomintang era that was opening up democracy and creating new democratic freedoms. Unfortunately, 30 years later, today’s DPP is in power. Taiwan’s democracy has not only regressed, but also moved towards democratic dictatorship, and there is no room for much. Yuan’s voice does not allow opposition to the opposition, and directly liquidates the struggle against the opposition parties. This is the most democratic and dictatorship era.

Zhu Lilun, Chairman of the Kuomintang.Picture: Kuomintang / Provided

Zhu Lilun, Chairman of the Kuomintang.Picture: Kuomintang / Provided



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