Hundreds of rounds – both sharp and sharp – were found on the stage of Baldwin’s film. Prosecution of the actor is still in play

“There were a total of 500 rounds. It’s a mix of the blind, the school, and those we think are sharp bullets, “Sheriff Mendoza told reporters, adding that investigators were now waiting for a ballistics report.

The tragic incident occurred when Baldwin (who is also the film’s producer) was training to pull a revolver out of its holster and aim it at the camera when the shot was fired. According to the available information, the actor got a revolver in his hand with the words that it is a “cold gun”, which is supposed to mean in the filmmaking jargon that the weapon is unloaded.

But the reality was different, according to Wednesday’s briefing. What Baldwin accidentally fired against the cameraman was a sharp lead projectile.

“The weapon contained other ammunition,” Mendoza added. He did not specify whether the bullets were blind, school (dummy rounds, mistakenly called training), or sharp. It is not ruled out that an even greater tragedy could have occurred.

Police seized two more weapons at the scene. However, according to the sheriff, they are devalued and do not work.

It was a normal weapon, not a prop

Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies, who is in charge of the case, said in an interview with the New York Times that she may be prosecuted against some people. It is already clear that there were a series of mistakes during the shooting and non-compliance with security measures for the handling of weapons.

“Everything is on the table right now, including the indictment,” she said.

What is a “prop gun”?
The meaning of the English phrase “prop gun”, sometimes translated as “prop weapon” in Czech, was explained to CNN by Ben Simmons of Bare Arms, which helps filmmakers use weapons in filming. It is important to emphasize that a prop weapon is not necessarily a harmless imitation. They can be fake weapons made of a material like rubber or wood, but they can also be real weapons that work or have worked but are already devalued.

She also urged journalists to stop writing that Baldwin was firing a prop gun, called an “prop gun” in English, giving the impression that it was an imitation. According to her, such a designation is incorrect.

“It was a real weapon,” she warned. “It was an antique weapon corresponding to the time the film takes place.”

Halyna Hutchinsová
She was born in Ukraine in 1979 and devoted herself to journalism, which she studied in Kiev. After being lured by film, she collaborated with several documentary productions in Europe before moving to Los Angeles. In 2013, she enrolled at the American Film Institute and completed her master’s program two years later.
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She called herself a restless dreamer. She died on Thursday, October 21, after being hit by a bullet from a weapon that was to serve as a prop during the filming of Rust.