Hyper unveils 245W portable battery and charging station

Hyper introduced two of the most powerful chargers on the market: a charging station and a 245W power bank.

HyperJuice GaN Charging Station

This is a GaN charger with four outputs, each capable of delivering a maximum of 100W. You can, for example, charge four MacBook Pro 13s at the same time or two MacBook Pro 16s, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhone 13 Pro Max to boot.

Power is distributed automatically, which means that the laptop always remains a priority.

HyperJuice USB-C Battery Pack

The external battery for 27,000 mAh is also equipped with four USB Type-C ports, only two of them give out a maximum of 100 W, and two – 65 W. In any case, even the “weak” ports are enough to charge the laptop.

iPhone 13 Pro can be charged 9 times, and iPhone 13 mini – 11 times.

The battery charge and charging rate through each port are shown on a small backlit display.

The devices appeared on Indiegogo. The required amount has already been collected, so if you order through a crowdfunding platform, you can save a decent amount. As soon as the devices go on sale, the charging station will be on sale for $ 199 (approximately RUB 14,100), and the battery for $ 299 (approximately RUB 21,200).


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