«I am sure that if Madrid burns, the helicopters will not stop throwing water»

Image of the fire from the town of Espejos de la Reina.

Neighbors and Neighborhood Boards charge against “the abandonment of the Board” to the towns and feel the impotence that they are “few means for the magnitude of the fire”

Seeing the flames in the mountains scares, creates impotence and a situation of abandonment. But when the fire begins to approach the houses, the situation is complicated for those who live in them. Fear is free and is emerging at the moment among the inhabitants of some of the districts of Boca de Huérgano who fear being evicted if the forest fire gets complicated.

The secretary of the Neighborhood Board of Espejos de la Reina, Jesús Sánchez, assures that they feel “abandoned by the Junta de Castilla y León”. Late in the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 9, Jesús explained to leonoticias that “on Sunday when it started there were four bushes, but since there were no media it got out of control.”

On Monday, it seemed that the fire was under control, and the mayor of Boca de Huérgano assured the news, but throughout the night and Tuesday afternoon the situation has become so complicated that the Board has decreed the level 2 of dangerousness and has requested the help of the UME.

“There are few endowments”

Jesús Sánchez regrets how this fire has been treated. “From this front on Monday the helicopters started at 11:00 and stopped at 14:00 and then in the afternoon they stayed for an hour. I don’t know if they were on the other side, but they weren’t seen here.”

He considers that the technicians will know where to act or not to act at all times, but he is clear that “if Madrid burns, the helicopters will not stop spraying water” and insists that “there are very few crews for the size of the fire.”

Now, the residents of three towns in Boca de Huérgano, including Espejos de la Reina, look at the mountain and fear for their houses, but also “for everything that is being lost in the mountains of Riaño and Mampodre.” There are about 400 neighbors who live in these towns during the summer, although it is somewhat difficult to calculate since many are vacationers.

Jesus explains that now all that remains is to “trust” that the wind does not change, since “it is blowing towards what has been burned and that helps”, but above all that the media can work tonight and everything is left in a scare.