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«I have comedy pending» | The Basque Diary


"Antonio is a normal Valencia mechanic, and it is the events that will be experienced that strengthen him in some way," he says. Daniel Grao (Sabadell, Barcelona, ​​43 years old). The Catalan actor is the protagonist of 'Lost', the series that premieres this Tuesday night, starting at 10:40 p.m., Antena 3. The 'thriller' tells the trip to Colombia of a man who, “in an almost kamikaze way, in search of any clue that can bring her missing daughter closer, gets into a prison with which she is related », in the words of Grao himself.

– How it has influenced to roll the series in Colombia?

– I think it has helped a lot to move four months to a country I didn't know. A certain parallel is established between what happens to my character and what I lived when I was outside my comfort zone and my house, in an unknown place. The locations and extras also helped me a lot to get closer to the character. On a personal level, it has its difficulties. But, in the face of work, I think it helps a lot, because you are really in the place where the story is being told. And then there is also a kind of concentration plus, since you don't have a separate life. You are with the classmates all the time and you don't stop talking about the work, the sequences, the characters. In no time you get out of history.

– Can you imagine how the result would have been if not?

– You had to go yes or yes to roll there. One thing that impressed me a lot was how professionalized the figuration was, apart from the aspect, which helped me to believe that prison. Later many things happen, there is a riot. Really, these people got into the skin like the one that more.

– This year he has grown tired of shooting outside Spain.

– Yes. It has been a special year in that regard. I had almost always worked here, sleeping at home every night, and this year Tunisia ('Promises of sand', La 1 de TVE), Colombia ('Lost', Antena 3), Uruguay (the movie 'The Year of fury '). And the proposals I had and could not make were also from outside. It has been a traveling year, yes.

– Do you try to take advantage of those trips beyond work?

– I try, I try, yes. This was a very intense shoot, but I had like two small brackets in which I could move a little beyond Bogotá to see other cities. In addition, I love that combination: to know a new place working, because in the end you meet people from there and you are more within that place and its culture than if you are a tourist.

– Now he's shooting 'HIT' for TVE. When do you rest?

– Ugh. Never. And I have two children (laughs). The truth is that I have an intense streak, but I am a little addicted to my work. I enjoy it so much that it is hard for me to stop; If there are projects that interest me and stimulate me, I can't.

– Do you fear that people get tired of seeing it continuously on screen?

– I try to do very different things. In fact, it is a bit my obsession: that in the next job my character looks as little as possible, even physically, to the previous one, and to make a good, a bad one. In short, very different energies and different registers to escape from typecasting and saturation.

Measure times

– How would you like the following role to be?

– I have comedy pending. In 'HIT', although the character is irreverent, has a certain hooliganism and sometimes touches humor, it is not a comedy. I would love to do one to Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.

– The 'Lost' chapters last 50 minutes. What is your preferred format?

– Filming gives me a little the same, because you roll scene by scene and you don't even think to which chapter it belongs. That is one more question of production. And as a spectator, in general, I appreciate a slightly shorter format. In the seventy-minute period, you sometimes noticed that there were distilled plots that responded more to a matter of filling the prime time schedule than to the needs of fiction itself. Anyway, and in the theater it also happens to me, if you really need and keep the viewer in suspense, welcome is also all that time. I believe that the story itself tells you about the need for time in which it has to be told. It is not that there is a better formula than another, but what makes no sense is to extend the duration of filling a space.

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