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"I hope she hears us!" Feminist tribute to Marie-Bélen, killed in the subway

About 250 people paid tribute to Marie-Bélen, killed on March 17 in Marseille. – J. Saint-Marc / 20 Minutes

  • Around 250 people demonstrated this Monday in Marseille to pay tribute to Marie-Bélen, murdered in the subway, a month ago.
  • Dressed in bright colors, wearing lipstick, many feminists recalled that femicides are mainly domestic.
  • "For our dead, a life of struggle": this is how they concluded this moving mobilization.

A cry to split your heart. When the procession arrived in front of the university campus Lucien Cornil, Ruben Pisano uttered a terrible roar: "
Maria Belen! "Presente" replied, in Spanish, the 250
demonstrators. Ruben hid his face behind a sign with the inscription, "Let your daughter hang around, the streets will be safer."

This timid man, undermined by sorrow, speaks very softly. But he wanted a very noisy demonstration on Monday night in Marseille, a month after the death of his daughter, fatally stabbed at the Timone.

My daughter was an artist, he told us. She touched everyone in the heart. She was drawing, she was painting, she had written a poem to the moon. She put color in life. And she loved dancing and music. So if she's somewhere, I hope she hears the noise we make for her! "

At the start of the event, on the very student and very festive course Julien, Ruben Pisano expressed his dismay: "I was hoping more people, students seem a little indifferent … They face the same dangers every day, so it makes me a little upset that they are not able to manifest 500 meters. "

Ruben, the father of Marie-Bélen, a student killed on March 17 in Marseille.
Ruben, the father of Marie-Bélen, a student killed on March 17 in Marseille. – J. Saint-Marc / 20 Minutes

Colorful clothes and lipstick

The procession, however, was much brightened at the approach of the Timone metro stop, where flowers and little words were deposited at the place of the death of the young woman. A loud and colorful procession stretching behind a smiling portrait of Marie-Bélen and a banner with the words: "Not one less, justice for Marie-Bélen. "

"Enough, enough of this society that sows violence and impunity" or "feminists, angry, we will not let it happen," chanted the protesters. Dressed in bright colors, they wore lipstick – a reference to the subject of memory of Marie-Bélen, a student in anthropology.

"Toca a una, toca a todas"

The protesters also took up many Argentine slogans, the second nation of Marie-Belen: "toca a una, toca a todas", they shouted. "If you hit one, you hit them all," an echo to the song well known in France: "they exploit us, they damage us, they kill us … Down, down, patriarchy. "

"The murder of Marie-Belen is a feminicide, says Juliette, an activist within the Marseille Feminist Association. But we must remember that most of the violence takes place in the home, not in the street. And that the murderers are not strangers. Since the beginning of this year 2019, a woman dies every two days under the blows of her spouse.

"Not an isolated monster"

"The man who killed my sister is not an isolated monster" also reminded Ernesto Pisano. "It's not enough to lynch him or put him in jail to wash our troubles, even if I want him to be arrested so that we can understand. Monsters, we create them, and we will continue as long as we live in this capitalist, patriarchal and racist society. "

A society against which Marie-Bélen, a feminist advocate, was fighting. And as Rosa, from the group Femmes en lutte 93, concluded: "For our dead, not a minute of silence. For our dead, a life of struggle! "


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